Mini Sprint

The project started out with a 1975 Morris Mini in pretty good condition.

The engine is a 1275cc, it has a big valve head (35 x 29 Valves), and a Kent 266 cam. It has twin HS2 1 ¼ carburetors and a standard transmission.

The all metal body was sectioned 2.5” and chopped another 2.5” for a total height reduction of 5”. Larry painted the car Chili Red with a Black top. An MK1 Grille and tail lights were used and all of the glass was cut to size.

The interior was finished off with Cobra Cub seats, reframed in red and gold brocade. The seat cross member was lowered 2.5” and the seat frames were shortened. Larry also installed a MK1 heater.

The front sub frame has 7.5” disc brakes, 1.5”negative lower a arms, polyurethane bushings, adjustable tie bars, hi-lo’s, and Spax adjustable shocks. The rear has fit negative camber brakes, polyurethane bushings, hi-lo’s, Spax adjustable shocks, stainless braided brake lines and super mini fin drums. The wheels are 4.75” rose petal with 165/70R-10 Yokohama A008 tires.


I made this website for Larry so he could show off his handy work. He isn't on Facebook and hardly emails. I met Larry at a 7-11 near our houses. He was driving his maroon Mini. I told him I have wanted one since I was 12. He says "I have five of them". I asked where he lived and he told me and I said I'm coming over. That weekend I rode one of my vintage Hondas to his house, a mile from me. I wound up buying a 1961 Mini from him. Slow project but I'm getting there. Do you like the colors on this site? They came from the logo of BMC.