From the man himself...
"Minis were pretty much the first cars I thought were cool. I was about 8 when my father worked part time in a hobby shop with a big slot car track. My dad had his own race team made up of 1/32 Airfix model car bodies on slot car chassis. My favorite was the Mini Cooper S. So I guess that’s what started me liking Minis."

"Later when I was about 12, my older brother got his hands on an early Estate. He drove it for a while, then it died. It sat in the backyard for a while until I decided to start working on it. Started out cleaning it, then fixed some dents and rust spots. Painting was just some spray cans. It was baby blue with a tan roof. Actually it didn’t look too bad, but still it didn’t run. I had a lot to learn about mechanical work and eventually my brother sold it."

"It was another 18 years before I got my first Mini. I owned it for 20 years and never really did much with it. But in the meantime…..I bought 5 more Minis. The fun part is taking them apart, cleaning and rebuilding them, and then finally painting and reassembling them. I just wish it wasn’t such an expensive hobby. I had a blast building my Mini Sprint. It seemed like it was all I thought about for four years."

Mini Sprint

Larry cut up a Mini and made it even smaller.

Britain on the Green

Great car show at Gunston Hall in Fairfax, VA

Project Binky

Video series by Bad Obsession Motorsports

Vintage Mini Videos

Video series of vintage Mini videos on YouTube

Coming Soon

More Mini projects posting soon.


I made this website for Larry so he could show off his handy work. He isn't on Facebook and hardly emails. I met Larry at a 7-11 near our houses. He was driving his maroon Mini. I told him I have wanted one since I was 12. He says "I have five of them". I asked where he lived and he told me and I said I'm coming over. That weekend I rode one of my vintage Hondas to his house, a mile from me. I wound up buying a 1961 Mini from him. Slow project but I'm getting there. Do you like the colors on this site? They came from the logo of BMC.